Price list

Be sure to track discounts and offers, to find yourself the perfect way to visit Ruth’s massage salon.

Classical massage60 min32.00
90 min44.00
Classical back massage30 min18.00
45 min26.00
Relaxing herb massage60 min38.00
90 min52.00
Relaxing herb back massage30 min20.00
45 min30.00
Massage with honey40 min23.00
90 min50.00
Cellulite treatment with honey30 min20.00
60 min41.00
Needle-free mesotherapy for treating cellulite30 min26.00
60 min50.00
Back massage with herbal paraffin treatment45 min24.00
60 min32.00
Chakra therapy, with lava stones90 min48.00
Therapy for tired legs45 min43.00
Chinese head massage30min20.00
Luxury treatment120min150.00
Intensive moisturizing ultrasonic facial, with golden mask48.00
Facial for young (-18y)25.00
Easy facial with mask30.00
Deep moisturizing and firming ultra-sonic facial45.00
Intensive anti-age ultrasonic facial50.00
Ultrasonic facial for problem skin45.00
Cosmetic rejuvenating facial massage 30min22.00
Relaxing facial treatment with chocolate48.00
Dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows4.00
Eyebrow correction 3.00
Eyelash and eyebrow colouring & correction 10.00