Mesoporation – needlefree mesotherapy for cellulite reduction

A new and effective procedure for a selfrespecting woman.

Every woman knows, that with aging the metabolism gets slower, tissue bloodsupply and
nutrition worsens and skin will be in short of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other
beneficial substances. Mesoporation is a very popular treatment, the purpose of which is to fill
the skin with the components it lacks. Now all of this is available under Ruth’s caring hands and new technology.
Electroporation technology is a safe and effective therapy, a needleless alternative to the
classic mesotherapy. An electrical impulse temporarily disturbs the electrical connections
between the cells and the preparates applied to the skin (chosen according to the needs of the
skin) will be absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin. Absorbing the medicine is a gradual
process, we will create a sort of a backup of the drug which lenghtens its’ effect. Using this
method, the molecules of the hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and other substances
penetrate the skin. The beneficial substances cross the skin barrier and penetrate the celss
directly. Thanks to this technology the effect will be doubled the cellulite will be reduced and
the elasticty of the skin will be improved. Thus the technology of mesoporation helps to achieve
results equal to the traditional mesotherapy without the help of needles, pain and side effects!

Results: After just one needleless mesotherapy procedure the skin gains a healthy tone and looks fresh as after a nice vacation!
Frequency of the mesoporation sessions: To lose weight and get rid of the cellulite an active cure (10 sessions) is needed. We recommend 3 sessions per week with a 12 session per week follow up if needed.

Contraindications – general:
• accute inflammations, fever
• malignant processes
• diabetes, if the peripheral blood supply is disturbed
• anticoagulant treatment
• serious heartand
kidney diseases
• pregnancy