Yamuna products

In the salon you can buy different interesting natural products from Yamuna.

õrn niisutav kätekreemviinamarja seemneõli kätekreem

The products are deep moisturizing and have a great sent with natural ingredients for daily use. You can choose from sensitive moisturizing hand cream, grapeseed handcream, orange-cinnamon hand cream, shea handcream and lavender hand cream. Price 8eur 2 eur

lavendliõli kätekreemapelsini-kaneeli kätekreem

Yamuna bath salts and bath balls are essential to your daily spa rituals. Different aromas are relaxing and treat your skin to be more elastic and full of life. Available in many different variations. Use 2-3 spoons per warm bath.

granaatõuna huulepalsammee huulepalsam

Yamuna offers many intense moisturizing lip balms. Soothing and moisturizing shea butter, soybean oil and nourishing effect of beeswax provides an invisible protective barrier, which makes the skin smooth and long lasting. Available in raspberry, brackcurrant, honey, green apple and pomegranate enriched. Price 5eur 2eur

vaarika huulepalsammustsõstra huulepalsamrohelise õuna huulepalsam

Yamuna shower gel in known for it’s great aroma and therepeudic qualities. Available assortment: rosemary- peppermint, hibiscus, lavender, orange-cinnamon, hyssop and bergamot.Buy for 12eur 2eurFind your favourite and make your daily showers special!
piparmünt-rosmariin dušigeel lavendli dušigeel iisopi dušigeel hibiskuse dušigeel bergamont dušigeel apelsini-kaneeli dušigeel
Yamuna soaps have natural aroma and are ment for daily use. Available for example: acacia honey and perfumed with turmeric, yoghurt soap, cranberry, lavender, orange- cinnamon, grape seed oil, lily leaf, hibiscus and chamomile, honey and milk cold pressed soaps. Buy for each family member their own favorite for the pricerange 5-6eur 2eur

viinamarja-seemneõli shevõi priimula oliivõli metsamarja mee ja piima mandliseemnetega lavendel laimi mee ja kurkumiga jõhvikas jogurti femina apesini-kaneeli külmpress akaatsia mee ja kurkumiga hibiskus-kummel